I am Megan


I’m a mother to 3 wonderful girls and the wife to an amazing husband. We are a busy family that loves to have fun and spend time together. We enjoy traveling, and as a military family we move often. So, we look at everything as an adventure and have fun trying new things, including food. Here I share some of our favorite recipes and get creative with new ones. Most of my meals come together quick or can be made ahead a time, so I have more time with the family. I believe food should be fuel but it has to be tasty too.

  An important part of being healthy is staying fit and active, so I talk about some of the things that motivate me. And we, my husband and I, are working to instill these ideas in our daughters, teaching them about health and wellness. Part of my wellness is having some “Mom Time.” Truth be told, being creative is my happy place. I enjoy creating new things inside and outside the kitchen, so I’ll show you some of the other projects I like working on. I hope you’ll find something on my blog that will inspire, encourage, and bless you. Enjoy the adventure with your family.


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